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Go with the Flow (Country)!

The peatlands of the Highlands and Islands are internationally renowned treasure troves of biodiversity and geological history

Not only are the natural landscapes of peatlands spectacular, but these landscapes hold a cultural significance to the people of the Highlands and Islands like no other. Work to preserve and restore these icons of natural and cultural heritage is of the utmost importance in the Highlands and Islands, particularly in the Flow Country.

The Flow Country, spanning Caithness and Sutherland, is the largest expanse of the rare blanket bog in Europe. Here, you can witness the dramatic beauty of the peatlands and see the conservation of these cultural heartlands in action at the RSPB Nature Reserve at Forsinard Flows.

On your visit, wonder at the 10,000 years of history of Forsinard Flows, discover the work taken to preserve the Flows and protect its local wildlife and learn how this blanket bog can be one of our first lines of defence against climate change.

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