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Laggan, Badenoch and Strathspey (Credit: Airborne Lens)
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The Shinty Trail


...a celebration of an ancient game which has been at the heart of communities throughout Badenoch going back centuries...

The Shinty Trail (Scottish Gaelic: Slighe na Camanachd) is an online, storytelling experience conveying the significance of the sport to the heritage and culture of Badenoch (Scottish Gaelic: Bàideanach), as well as its deep-rooted relationship with many other aspects of traditional Highland culture, such as the Gaelic language. Over the course of this journey, the origins of shinty (Scottish Gaelic: camanachd) and the development of the modern game can be explored, as well as the history of key teams in the area. There is also the opportunity to experience important aspects of Badenoch’s past, such as the Clan MacPherson, emigration, war, and early tourism.

Stories are central to the The Shinty Trail, where through the use of evocative imagery we are able to provide a glimpse into the heritage of the sport, framed within the context of Badenoch’s rich history. This is supported by insightful written information, which also utilises quotes from key written sources to provide a more personal, human element to the content.

Badenoch Shinty Memories Group kindly allowed us to feature their short documentary clips, which captures the importance of shinty to the area and the lives of all those involved in the sport from the perspective of local communities. Stories are central to the work of Badenoch Shinty Memories Group, where preserving and sharing memories is a key focus of their activities.

As a cultural activity, shinty is strongly linked with many other aspects of traditional Highland culture such as music, poetry and song. Gaelic is undoubtedly the language of shinty, where historically both players and spectators alike were native speakers from surrounding communities. This is an important relationship highlighted within The Shinty Trail, where users are linked with key examples of Gaelic poetry and song which tell stories of their own.

Producing this resource has involved a great deal of collaboration with local residents, organisations and key members of the shinty community. The Shinty Trail is a celebration of an ancient game which has been at the heart of communities throughout Badenoch going back centuries, providing a platform to share valuable insights and experiences. Thanks to Bòrd na Gàidhlig for their funding support.

Want to learn more? Please click here to visit Cairngorms National Park website.

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