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Credit: Am Baile/ Jack Richmond Shinty Archive
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The Newtonmore Supporter

The Newtonmore Supporter written in memory of my son David, who lived his 23 year long life in a wheelchair and loved shinty- a small insight into what the sport of shinty means to so many communities across the Highlands

There are no words to tell you now, just the way it feels,
The sweetest joy of victory, upon the Eilan's field.
And I'd give all I have to give, to reach exalted height,
To join with you upon the green, to wear the blue and white.

And I am always by your side, no matter where you go,
You'll hear me cheer upon the line, o'er every conquered foe.
And though no caman bears my name, 'tis ever my delight,
To see those Eilan heroes, who wear the blue and white.

Though I'm no longer by your side, to see you claim the prize
From far above, I still look down, from where my being lies.
Though you'll no longer see me there, my soul it's burning bright,
And I'm with you, upon the green. I wear the blue and white.