My Calling

Image provided by VisitScotland/ David N Anderson

"...the spirit of the Highlands exists in the people that make the Highlands what it still is today."

It all happened quite quickly my move to Wick in the Highlands, following domestic abuse. Caithness council re-housed me here and offered me and my dogs a safe haven, a place I could call home.

I remember getting off the coach and having a familiar feeling about the place although I had never been here before. Originally from London, my life journey to the Highlands has been a long, hard but rewarding one.

Never before had I felt so much warmth from people. In Wick, it almost takes your spirit back to a time where everyone knew each others first name, where everyone left their door open wide displaying a welcome mat to all visitors, neighbours and friends.

The Spirit of the Highlands for me isn't about the surrounding beautiful landscapes, the Spirit of the Highlands exists in the people that make the Highlands what it still is today.

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