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The Northern Lights over Shetland (Credit: Airborne Lens)
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Shetland Isles

Little captures the extent of Shetland’s hidden wonders and fast-changing weather better than Jarlshof, an archaeological site so named by no less a wordsmith than Sir Walter Scott. Jarlshof was long hidden beneath the sand until a particularly wild storm in the 1890s revealed evidence of late Neolithic housing, a Bronze Age village, an Iron Age broch, a Norse longhouse, a medieval farmstead and a 16th-century laird’s house; millennia of life lived here in these northern islands.

Some 5,000 other archaeological sites can also be visited from Unst and Yell in the north to remote outliers like Foula and Fair Isle, where life continues to be shaped by the old Scandinavian influenced culture. However, far from being stuck in the past, Shetland is forward-looking and innovative, warm and welcoming. Whether you visit for the fine seafood, the fiddle music, the famous textiles or the adrenaline-filled adventure, you’ll enjoy some of the most majestic seascapes in the British Isles.

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