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Whalsay, Shetland Isles (Credit: Airborne Lens)
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Named by the Vikings as the ‘island of whales’, Whalsay has been known since the 19th century as ‘The Bonnie Isle,’ thanks to its wildflowers, coastal walks and dramatic clifftop scenery. At 393 feet above sea level, the Wart of Clett, the highest point on the island, offers an unbeatable panorama of the east coast of mainland Shetland.

One of the most densely populated of all the Shetland Isles, Whalsay is home to a thriving fishing industry. The harbour at Symbister is filled with vessels of all sizes, from Viking-inspired ‘Shetland model’ pleasure boats to some of Europe’s largest deep-sea trawlers. In the far north of the island, Skaw is home to an 18-hole golf course – the most northerly in the UK.

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