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Culbin Sands, Nairn (Credit: Northport)
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Culbin Sands

Culbin Sands is a vast area of pristine beach, spectacular sand-spits, and forested countryside that stretches from the town of Nairn east to Findhorn Bay. Known in Gaelic as Bar Inbhir Èireann, the long miles of Culbin Sands and the great forest inland make this the perfect destination for a family adventure.

While this beautiful area is now a haven for wildlife, it was once home to a farming township that vanished during a huge sandstorm in 1694. The many myths that sprung up following that sudden disappearance have cloaked Culbin in mystery, with local folklore linking the storm to everything from warlocks and witches to divine retribution against local smugglers. Culbin stories have fascinated generations.

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