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The sun rising above Torrisdale Bay, Sutherland (Credit: Airborne Lens)
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The Place That We Know

By Robert Quigley

I am submitting one of my more recent music tracks called "The Place That We Know" (which can be accessed here) which I feel absolutely reflects the very ethos of the Spirit of the Highlands. This is a track about knowing where 'home' is, and that home is a very special place that you can leave and explore elsewhere, but then always come back to where you know you will be welcomed and loved. In addition, this track is about the people who live in wherever that special place is - those people who you can always rely on for support and love, as well as being your 'biggest critic and fan...'

For me, this place is indeed the Highlands...where I now call home.

I am embarking on this songwriting adventure with a real desire to create music which reflects my life experiences and adventures from all over the world. This track features the excellent vocals of Nashville singer, Cooper Moss (full rights owned by Robert Quigley).