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Cairngorms National Park (Credit: VisitScotland/Jakub Iwanicki)
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The Mountains are Calling

By Lynn Bauermeister

The mountains are calling, and I must go.

    - John Muir

A few years ago a friend invited me to join her on a jaunt up a Munro, I hadn’t climbed a Munro before, so I was excited and pretty nervous to try it… I’m so glad that I did. Although on that first attempt, we had to turn back due to a lot of cloud and low visibility and we realised on our return to complete the hill on a different day we had turned back just thirty metres or so from the summit! Still, turning back if things aren’t quite right is always the best thing to do - the mountains are always there to climb another day.

I love being in the hills and climbing Munros. I feel grounded, happy, connected, and peaceful in the hills. Sometimes, it can be a really tough slog to reach the top of a Munro, but as the saying goes the hardest climbs can bring the best rewards. The buzz from reaching a summit is incredible and is often boosted by breath taking views when the good Scottish weather allows.

There is a huge amount of research and evidence which shows that being outdoors in green space can bring huge health benefits: socially, mentally, and physically. I definitely experience those benefits from being in the hills. I usually go to the hills with friends, and we have some of our best craic, interesting conversations, shared experiences and create some of our happiest memories when we’re in the great outdoors together – there’s nothing else quite like a wonderful day in the hills with good people. This quote from John Muir is so relatable: the mountains are calling, and I must go.

Keeping a journal of my mountain adventures has given me the opportunity to record and reflect on some epic experiences and stunning landscapes – it’s a great keepsake and at the time of writing this I have completed 107 Munros and I’m hopeful that I might complete all 282 one day!