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Credit: VisitScotland/ Paul Tomkins

This story forms part of collection of three pieces contributed by photography and sound artist Judith Parrott. Our many thanks to Judith Parrott for kindly sharing these stories with the Spirit: Stories archive team! To discover more of Judith's work please click here to visit her website.

The Cailleach is a prominent figure of Scottish Gaelic oral tradition and folklore. The legends that surround her as a divine being are vast around the Highlands and Islands, but in each, it is evident that the Cailleach has had a significant impact on the physical and cultural landscape of each area. Particularly in Argyll and the Isles, where local toponymy and literature is ladened with references to the Cailleach and her creation of the local landscape and influence over local weather and climate conditions.

The video below, titled Muigh san Aonach - Out in the Mountains, is a piece which was created following Judith Parrott's GUIR residency with Glasgow Life. The piece incorporates the song Craobh an Teaghlaich, composed and sung by Gillebride MacMillan, and explores the role of the Cailleach and reflects on the modern climate crisis.

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