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Dùn Caan, Isle of Raasay (Credit: Airborne Lens)
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In Focus: Gàidhlig, Ag Ionnsachadh Còmhla

By Susanne MacDonald

Susanne MacDonald
Image provided by Smartify

This audio forms part of a series of audio interviews conducted in 2022 by Smartify as part of the Spirit of the Highlands and Islands project. Listen and discover the Spirit of the Highlands and Islands through the eyes of the people who live, work and visit here.

In our 'In Focus' audio mini-series, take a closer look into a wide range of topics spanning the vast natural and cultural heritage of the Highlands and Islands. In this edition of 'In Focus', listen to Susanne MacDonald, Project Officer for Cultarlann Inhbir Nis and a passionate advocate for the Gaelic language, as she speaks on her connections and relationship with Gaelic, the historic repression of Gaelic and the importance of cultural learning centres to celebrate the beauty of Gaelic and language learning.'s so much part of our landscape and you'll see that wherever you go, our place names. The land was peopled by Gaelic speaking - it was the Gaelic language that animated the land, that's kind of how I see it.