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Credit: Visit Inverness Loch Ness

Inverness without Eden Court would be very different...

Eden Court is such a special place for me because I've done so many things their in my time. I've performed in the Wizard of Oz and Emily and the Howlers' Hollow with the Youth Theatre Group in 2019 and lots more! I started performing their in 2012 and been performing ever since.

The best thing about the building is how kind and incredible the staff are. They are always happy to help!

The shows are incredible. I first saw the panto at Eden Court in 2011 and I remember it very well. I remember taking my seat and seeing the ugly sisters walking down the stairs with water guns spraying the audience. I've also seen lots more shows like Frankenstein and Dead Good with my Youth Theatre group. I also did a workshop with one of the performers from Dead Good, it was so much fun and a fabulous laugh. I've also done lots of summer events at Eden Court like the drama mashups and folly film making. They have all been fun and I hope I can continue my Journey at Eden court performing for many years to come as it's amazing.

It's very sad that I can't perform at Eden Court at the moment because of the pandemic and I really wish I could. I'm really gutted that Cinderella could not go ahead this year as I love watching my favourite panto duo Steven Wren and Ross Allan as the dame and the comic. I saw Beauty and the Beast last year and loved it that much I went twice - I loved the singing and dancing too, especially the 9 to 5 dance routine. But I hope they can put Cinderella on in 2021 and can't wait to see the new dancing, singing and jokes and the famous 12 days of Christmas and hopefully catch the toilet rolls that Ross Allan Attempts to throw and get soaked with the water guns.

Inverness without Eden Court would be very different and we're so lucky to have a performing arts venue like Eden Court with lots of opportunities like shows and classes to take part in!

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