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What does the 'spirit' of the Highlands and Islands mean to you? Here, listen and discover the 'spirit' of the Highlands and Islands through the eyes of the people who know it best in this series of interviews carried out by the brilliant team at Smartify.

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Mi Casa, Su Casa

"...I feel this is the place I've been looking for..."

Image taken of the cityscape of Inverness from a drone. The River Ness runs through the city, seen on the left hand side of the image

In Focus: Islay Through the Years

"Tha sinn beò agus tha a' ghrian a' deàrrsadh...we're alive and the sun is shining."

Favourite Places: Garry Beach

"...every time you go it's's just a magical place!"

Coming to Lewis

Explore the spirit of community life on the Hebridean Isle of Lewis through the experiences of artist and retired head teacher Gill Thompson.

Favourite Places: Balnakeil Beach

"'s big wide horizons and big skies - it's beautiful."

A large stretch of yellow sand swathes northwards, meeting the green-blue waters of the sea in the top left of the image

Creativity & Cosmic Gifts on Arran

Listen here to award-winning contemporary author and Arran islander Nix Moretta as she discusses finding an adopted home on Arran, the cosmic gifts that the island provides and finding her literary calling.

Arran, Scotland in Miniature

Join Charles Currie as he shares the fascinating natural and cultural history of Arran, putting community and people at the forefront of Arran's story and his thoughts on the Spirit of the Highlands and Islands.

stone caves are set into the side of a mountain with a rocky beach below

In Focus: Gàidhlig, Ag Ionnsachadh Còmhla

"'s so much part of our landscape and you'll see that wherever you go, our place names. The land was peopled by Gaelic speaking - it was the Gaelic language that animated the land, that's kind of how I see it."

Large peak in the background surrounded by brown and green rocky hillside.

Lag Buidhe

Explore the dark history of Skye and a tragic MacLeod gathering at Lag Buidhe through the eyes of Muldin MacPhie.

View of the rocky landscape of the Quiraing

In Focus: The Battle of Culloden

In this edition of 'In Focus', listen to Susanne MacDonald, Raoul Curtis-Machin, Katey Boal and Marie Annand as they discuss the infamous Battle of Culloden Moor (1746) and its aftermath, which had irreparable repercussions on Gaelic culture and the communities of the Highlands and Islands.

The Jacobite Cairn at Culloden Battlefield at sunset