Why register?

Registering allows you to create your own collection of itineraries throughout the Highlands and Islands. Starting from one of our curated itineraries, you can add locations, re-order them, and share it with others. Alternatively you can build your own from scratch just add any of our locations to get started!

You'll also be able to add your own notes to the itinerary and upload images so you can keep store your memories of your time in the Highlands and Islands, or ideas of what you want to see and do on your next visit.

How to build an itinerary

From an itinerary page:

From a location page:

How to edit an itinerary

There are many things you can do with your itinerary:

Alongside the upload button there's a "Share" button which allows you to share your itinerary with someone else. Suggest your custom journey to friends and family as inspiration for your next adventure!


Click on the "Add a note about this itinerary" to add a note.

Existing notes are shown in full underneath the "My notes" section.

If you hover over an existing note a pencil icon appears to its right. Click on this to edit or delete the note.

Your itinerary route

Once your itinerary has more than two locations, the map will be updated to show a route through these locations. You'll also be able to access additional links that show the route on Google Maps.

In the "Destinations on my itinerary" section, each destination has some icons to the right-hand side:

You can also click on these locations to go to their respective page.