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Rousay, Orkney Isles (Credit: VisitScotland/Paul Tomkins)
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Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre

Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre are a group of three fascinating islands accessible by ferry from Tingwall on the Orkney Mainland. The nearby islands of Gairsay and Eynhallow have no ferry access today but remain of significant historical interest. Alongside their archaeological importance, the islands are distinctive in other ways. Rousay is all high cliffs, steep hills and coastal paths to explore on foot or bike. Egilsay and Wyre are more traditional Orkney farmland featuring wetland and wildflowers.

Rousay, the largest of the five islands, and the sixth largest in Orkney, has long been nicknamed ‘The Egypt of the North’ due to its wealth of archaeological riches. These include the Iron Age Midhowe Broch and Chambered Cairn, the 5,000-year-old Neolithic settlement being excavated at the Knowe of Swandro, and the superb Neolithic burial chambers found at Blackhammer and Taversoe Tuick.

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