Warren Peace

by Steven McKenzie

Image provided by VisitScotland/Kenny Lam

Visitors to Inverness Castle might be familiar with the grounds’ furry residents - rabbits.

The cartoon Warren Peace, a play on words of the famous book War and Peace, imagines the castle’s bunnies taking over the property during the coronavirus lockdown.

With the castle closed and people limited to how much time they could spend outdoors, the rabbits pretty much had the castle to themselves.

Cartoon which features rabbits taking over Inverness Castle and the castle grounds

Image provided by Steven McKenzie

Warren Peace at Inverness Castle.

In fact, many castles have stood on the site of today’s grand building. Through the centuries these fortresses were built, destroyed, rebuilt, ransacked and laid siege to.

Told by the rabbits that have made the hill their home, here is a very brief glimpse into the castle site!

Cartoon which features the history of Inverness Castle as told by the rabbits who have inhabited it over the centuries

Image provided by Steven McKenzie

The history of Inverness Castle as told by the rabbits who have inhabited it over the centuries. Image courtesy of Steven McKenzie.

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