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Rùm as seen in the distance from the Isle of Muck (Credit: Marg Greenwood)
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Pearl of Pearls

By Marg Greenwood

A sloping green field descends towards the sea. A stone wall lines the field to the right hand side of the image. The outline of an island can be seen on the horizon. Rùm as seen from the Isle of Muck, Lochaber
Image provided by Marg Greenwood

Now you see Rùm, now you don’t;
vanished into thick air; a clever trick.
Hey presto; back it comes,
snowy Spring peaks startle.
Eigg’s more solid,
its skyline scrambled; good Eigg!
Canna keeps a low profile
Oyster-like, hiding its gem from the world.
Yet the best-kept secret, pearl of pearls,
is Muck.


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