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My Heart's in the Highlands

It really is.

Whether I'm driving over the Dava Moor, revelling in its bleakness while drinking in the gorgeous views over to the Moray Firth, or I'm sitting by the lochside gazing over at the ruins of Lochindorb Castle, imagining the Wolf of Badenoch beginning his fire-razing campaign with a whoop, the Highlands is in every fibre of me. My Mackenzie roots have shaped my love of story telling and instilled in me an awe of the many wild birds and animals whose hardiness matches those of my ancestors. I swear my blood is as purple as the Cairngorm heather. Ah, Loch Morlich and Meall a'Bhuachaille!

Where do I start? As an acne-ed teenager on annual school trips in the 1970s staying at the Norwegian huts, with mad mates, and a growing love of the mountains, to a realisation that these hills feel a part of my body. The Great Grey Man of Ben MacDhui (I'm sure he followed me once), to the Shelter Stone where my great uncle spent his last night before perishing in a snow storm in the 1930s. Now the area offers mountain bike tracks, high ropes, a vehicular railway - different thrills to my illicit cigarettes and ogling the army boys in training. I bet mad mates are still on everyone's wish list though! Red squirrels and ptarmigan can even now be spotted, if you take the time.

So just as the Highlands sing to me, I echo the song, and can see it resonating in my children. Last one up Carn Elrig’s a chicken (or grouse)!

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