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Brodie Castle, Moray (Credit: VisitScotland/Paul Tomkins)
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In Focus: The Highland Pictish Trail

By Helen Avenell

Helen Avenell
Image provided by Smartify

This audio forms part of a series of audio interviews conducted in 2022 by Smartify as part of the Spirit of the Highlands and Islands project. Listen and discover the Spirit of the Highlands and Islands through the eyes of the people who live, work and visit here.

In this recording, join Heritage Consultant Helen Avenell and learn about the fascinating history of the Picts in the Highlands. Click here to dive into the fascinating history and legacy of the Picts with Highland Pictish Trail.

...there's that sense of how the Highlands was this remote landscape...when actually there was a lot of really strong connections between Europe, a lot of travel, a lot of connectivity...