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Moss Wood, Bute Community Forest, Argyll and the Isles (Credit: Bute Community Forest)
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In Focus - Bute Community Forest

By Richard Whitcomb, Shelly Gould and Samuel Lindsay

Richard Whitcomb, Shelley Gould and Samuel Lindsay
Image provided by Smartify

This audio forms part of a series of audio interviews conducted in 2022 by Smartify as part of the Spirit of the Highlands and Islands project. Listen and discover the Spirit of the Highlands and Islands through the eyes of the people who live, work and visit here.

In our 'In Focus' audio mini-series, take a closer look into a wide range of topics spanning the vast natural and cultural heritage of the Highlands and Islands. In this edition of 'In Focus', join Richard Whitcomb, Chair of the Bute Community Forest, Shelley Gould, Project Officer, and Sustainable Rural Tourism Officer 'Forest Sam' Samuel Lindsay as they discuss the wonderful Bute Community Forest initiative. Since 2009, the Forest is responsibly and sustainably managed by the Bute Community Land Company which seeks to energise the community, reconnect and learn about the beautiful local woodlands in an environmentally sensitive way.

One of our foresters said to us..."you don't plant trees for yourself, you plant them for your children" and I think that's what a lot of this stuff is, it's getting it set up so it can continue long past's keeping a real integration between conservation and community engagement and enjoyment and get people to really appreciate and enjoy the area for what it is.