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Gibson and Trixie on the Beach Path

I have attached my poem 'Gibson and Trixie on the Beach Path', below. It is set above Camusdarach Beach, Lochaber, looking out over to the islands of Skye, Eigg and Rum, and I wrote it because I left my camera in the car and sadly missed taking a photograph of a special snapshot:

Gibson and Trixie on the Beach Path

Side by side on top of the dunes,

tucked into the Marram.

Ears blown back and noses up,

eyes narrowed against the breeze.

Looking over the wide white tide-swept beach

and turquoise sea to the dark silhouettes

of Eigg, Muck and Rhum.

Over on Skye the Cuillins,

just a smudge below fine grey cloud.

I clambered up beside them,

past a thrush's butcher block

of a flat-topped rock littered

with smashed snails' shells.

We'd crossed the narrow track of

the Road to the Isles, bordered by

close-cropped machair

scattered with purple orchids,

to follow the beaches from Traigh

to the sweep of Camusdarach.

They sure-footed among the rock pools,

noses down and high-tailing it

through the bluebells in the oak wood

dripping with soft grey lichen.

The sky almost blue above wisps of cloud.

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