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Gabh Turas

By Aileen Ogilvie

I thought it would be fitting to submit this short film I created as it captures the Spirit of the people in the Highlands.

Through Gabh Turas I embarked on a journey to create a new piece of music inspired by moving image for the 'Creative (re)use of Archive Film' module I undertook in 2020 as part of my MA in Contemporary Art & Archaeology.

This short film tells the story of the early days of the North of Scotland Kart Club and features archive footage captured by my Grandmother in the 1970s.

This film is dedicated to those who shared a dream to create the North of Scotland Kart Club and their efforts to raise funds for and create the Littleferry race circuit. It is also dedicated to the memory of Meg Polson, Peter Polson (Jnr.) and Peter Polson MBE who had his last lap of his beloved track in October 2021.

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