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Eddie's Garden, Sutherland (Credit: Marg Greenwood)
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Eddie's Garden, Revisited

By Marg Greenwood

A large circular pond surrounded by green shrubs and flowers. Eddie's Garden, Sutherland
Image provided by Marg Greenwood
A garden, filled with an array of green shrubs and plants as well as a colourful array of flowers. A large circular pond can be seen at the centre of a stony path. The outline of a mountain can be seen in the background. Eddie's Garden, Sutherland
Image provided by Marg Greenwood
A pink flower stands, out of focus, in the centre of the image. Below the flower is a field of long green grass, with purple and yellow wildflowers visible on the left hand side of the image. Eddie's Garden, Sutherland
Image provided by Marg Greenwood

Round the corner from the causeway's end
two years later, I walk along the remotest road
from the Kyle's shore. Slow water rhythm lulls my ears
as I approach. I fear the sign will not be there.

'Eddie's garden' lopsided on a stone;
'Welcome' above the gate; Relief! I step in;
lupins, lilies, London Pride - creep over paths and pond;
carnations, ferns, valerian, vie with windmill and the bench,
while Ben Loyal above the old stone wall
still looms in gentle supervision.

His daughters work with nature's ways
nurture, re-seed, replant, restock
and plan a poly tunnel he'd have loved.
And in the arbour I sit with Doreen
who shows me his precious photo file.
His dog Bob still sniffs around the shed;
Eddie lives on, through his garden legacy.