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Credit: Am Baile/ Highland Libraries
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Dalwhinnie - A Hamlet on the Great North Road

"Dalwhinnie ought to be better known, with its excellent fishing in dark, dreary, Loch Ericht. There is a good hotel with a most courteous landlord and landlady, and a charming temperance hotel, but both should be as big again. Give us a good road and they will be. I cannot recommend this place too much, for its grandeur, its awesome sublimity, its silence and romance and listen, it is so healthy that one is charmingly hungry. There is champagne in every breath you breathe and the only wonder is that people die here at all."

- Dr Gordon Stables R.N. Kingussie Record 30th July 1904

To discover more about Dalwhinnie, please click here to visit its visitor website.

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