A Home from Home

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There's no "why" up here, if you need something, people are there...

Coming from Argentina and having travelled and worked in a few other countries, I was surprised when I got to a very small village hotel called Tigh an Eilean. The locals embraced me like one of their own, trying to make me feel welcome and at home. It wasn't a surprise that a year later I found another "import" - an English man who has been living in the Highlands since about 1976.

I moved to Kinlochewe and it was more of the same. Anywhere you go, the feeling is the same: you live here, you're one of us, no other words needed. To the point where now that I'm working in Muir of Ord, people are willing to do the 50 mile trip to come to support my business.

This is what the Highlands are all about to me. Being at home no matter where you go. There's always someone willing to help or to have a chat. Friends have looked after my child when I was at work or my husband was on a call out with the fire brigade. There's no "why" up here, if you need something, people are there...

People and the incredible beauty is to me what the Highland spirit is all about.

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