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Benighted on the Moor of Rannoch

The Spirit of the Highlands is a moving thing, owned by its people and rooted by a sense of place, identity and nonconformity. Over time it changes and becomes something new, but still remains reminiscent of past traditions and recalled memories.

The coming of the West Highland Line was a cultural watershed moment for the lands in which it runs through; its significance often taken for granted. Benighted on the Moor is a radio play and geolocated audio experience that explores the social impact of the West Highland Line and the moment in which remote Gaelic speaking communities were opened to outside influences - both good and bad.

GeoTone_CIC · Benighted on the Moor 1889
Paul Barnes (Credit: Paul Campbell/Northport)
Paul Barnes (Credit: Paul Campbell/Northport)
Credit: Paul Campbell/Northport

Rannoch Moor

The sheer remoteness of Rannoch Moor is staggering and the idea to build a railway there that floats on brushwood, does well to match it! For me, despite its barren nature and reputation, it simultaneously symbolises the determination of the Victorian engineers who sought to traverse it and the compassion and grit of the people that live on it.