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A Complete World

Every place no matter how big or small, urban and rural, has many stories to tell.

'A Complete World' was inspired by the stories told in the archive recordings from ‘A Village Within A Town: Margaret McAllister’s Culcabock’. It was also inspired by the artist's own memories of growing up in the Drakies & Culcabock area, the memories of other residents and by listening to the sounds of the area.

Credit: Am Baile
Credit: Am Baile
Credit: Paul Campbell/Northport
Credit: Paul Campbell/Northport

Until I participated in this project I didn't know it used to be a village of its own!

As we hear stories of places we think we know well, hidden gems are uncovered and revealed to us. It is these recordings which capture the intangible heritage which lives on in the memories of people. The piece Aileen has created for Spirit: 360 is inspired by memories of Culcabock, creating an experience where past and present collide in a cacophony of sights and sounds. Experience the power of stories within A Complete World.


The recordings which inspired Aileen's piece can be found below. They were recorded by Bill Sinclair, who recorded many interesting conversations with people throughout the Highlands. Here, Bill talks to various residents of Culcabock uncovering memories of the place.

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